About Us

Courage is personal, isn’t it? Your challenge today may be a breeze for me. My challenge may be a blessing to you. For some, life has them running as though they will never get a break. For others, they are sitting still and feel stagnant and left behind.

One person’s challenge is another person’s prayer.

So, what requires inner strength and courage is unique to each of us.

Obviously the most common use of the word courage is for intense, dangerous situations, usually risking one’s life. But courage in a more general sense can be applied to doing anything hard, taking even small risks, conquering personal challenges and obstacles. How can we encourage you today— how can we build up your heart’s strength as you face your own unique situations? How can you encourage someone else?

Courage is built on faith.

What you believe about God directly impacts your heart’s strength to do hard things. Yes, what you believe about yourself will impact your inner strength as well. But this is a trap, because we all know that we are not infinitely trustworthy. Put your confidence in the God of heaven, and you will find your weaknesses becoming strengths and your inabilities becoming opportunities.

Have you ever crossed a stream by stepping on rocks? Maybe you had to test them out first to see if they would move underneath you. If God is your God, dear friend, then He is your Rock. Remind yourself that your God is solid and dependable, a foundation that you can trust at all times. So as you consider the challenges before you, remember your Rock, take courage, and step forward in faith.