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We are so happy that you are here! My name is Andrew, and my sister is Millie...We are the creators of Courage Candles. Millie and I love the Lord and we love His people! Over the years Millie and I have had so many conversations about fellow believers and our desire to be an encouragement to them in some way. While working on another project regarding candles, I had an idea and knew immediately that Millie would be the perfect partner. Born out of our desire to encourage fellow believers, Courage Candles was created. 

Millie lives with her husband Steve on a dairy farm in Upstate NY. When she is not tending to the calves, collecting eggs from her chickens, or weeding the garden, she is found reading and studying God’s Word. She has a deep desire to encourage fellow believers in their faith, and to see them grow deeper in their walk with the Lord. 

Andrew lives with his wife and four children in the Lakes Region of NH, and is an associate pastor for a local church. Andrew and his family love the outdoors of NH, spending winters skiing and summers at the lake and pool. But more than anything else Andrew’s heart desire is to encourage fellow believers in their faith, and to see them grow deeper in their walk with the Lord. Yes...the same as Millie. 

This is why as brother and sister we have joined together to start this company. We believe that incorporating God’s Word into beautifully designed products gives Believers the opportunity to be encouraged and challenged in their faith all throughout the day. It is our desire to provide more than just products; we aspire to build a community that will build each other up in the faith. 

We believe that Courage comes from your heart, and the strength of your heart comes from your faith in God. Feed your faith, and you will build your Courage. Maybe, if we can help to feed your faith, we can encourage you to be more courageous for the Lord. 

That’s the point of our efforts at Courage Candles. Can we fuel the faith of fellow Christians so that they are able to move forward in their walk with the Lord? We are just fellow Christians learning and growing and failing and trying again, just like you. But by walking together and sharing our struggles, we can encourage one another to keep moving forward in our faith. 

A friend of mine waited along the sidelines of the Boston Marathon while his sister came through the course. He was stationed well beyond the halfway point, and when his sister finally came into view she was really struggling physically and mentally. My friend and his family cheered and called to her and lifted her spirits, but imagine her surprise when her brother left the crowd on the sidelines to join her in the race. She said at the finish line that she couldn’t have done it without him. 

Here at Courage Candles we want to run beside you, strengthen your faith, and renew your hope in the Lord. 

A great blessing of the Christian life is the encouragement of fellow believers who are running beside us. Paul told the Philippian church that he wanted to spend time with them “for your furtherance and joy of faith.” That’s the type of friend we all need--someone who will kindly encourage us and remind us to trust in the Lord. 

On the other hand, that’s the kind of friend we all want to be! We want to help our friends, not just distract them from their problems. Not just build them up in themselves, but truly provide lasting help. So we seek to encourage them in the Lord, their Rock. We pray for them and we speak truth to them, lovingly and gently, but honestly as well. And through these trials and challenges, prayers and conversations, somehow we both are blessed, renewed, and strengthened. We are furthered in our walk with the Lord, and our joy is made more full.

Dear friend, we don’t know you or the challenges you are facing. We just know your God. And we pray that He will use Courage Candles to strengthen your heart, “for your furtherance and joy of faith.”

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I’m so excited about this company and Andrew and Millie who are courageous in creating it! May you be blessed with success, the kind that you are seeking, which is the spiritual growth and benefit of others on their journey with and to the Lord.

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