The Top 5 Most Unique Christian Gifts

When it comes to cool Christian gifts, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to begin. You want something different for your special someone, but you are not sure where to start. We have done the research and have found the top 5 most unique Christian gifts to give to anyone in your life.

Unique Christian Gift #5:
Personalized bible from Bibles & Coffee

Number five on our list of unique Christian gifts is a special Bible. With the birth of creative selling sites like Etsy, something like a unique Bible is something that you can easily find.

etsy made bible
There are so many options for giving a Bible. You could go with a nice leather bound Bible with a specialized inscription. Another great option would be a painted Bible. There are so many artists online that create the most beautiful works of art on the cover of a Bible. Bibles and Coffee does a great job and the cost is around $60. This gift shows that you care and have thought through what your special person loves. The option of giving a Bible is a cool christian gift that is truly unique.

Unique Christian Gift #4:
Personalized journal from Scripture Type

Our fourth best unique Christian gift is a personalized journal. I have seen so many options in this arena. Many calligraphy artists are creating personalized journals in their online stores.

scripture journal

Depending on what style your special someone is interested in, you can personalize to their taste. Similar to the personalized Bible, you can pick any verse, inspirational spiritual quote, or even their name for the outside of the journal. The pricing varies per artist but usually runs about $20. This is a cool christian gift that can be also unique to anyone in your life.

Unique Christian Gift #3:
Christian apparel from Risen

Our fourth best unique Christian gift is christian apparel.

t-shirt design

There are so many fun items online in the Christian apparel world. If you are looking for a man, there are hats and sweatshirts. If you are looking for a woman, there are graphic tees and even sweatpants. These are such fun items to share your faith as well as have something unique that can’t usually be found in brick and mortar stores. The prices of course vary by product, but this option gives you a wide variety of prices for gifts.

Unique Christian Gift #2:
Personalized mug from Sure & Steadfast

Our second best unique Christian gift is a mug. Mugs may seem generic, but there are so many fun, cool and unique Christian mugs out there. Handmade is all the rage right now. Handcrafted pottery is also growing in popularity coupled with beautiful calligraphy on the outside. Sure and Steadfast Co. can letter anything you can imagine.


This gift could also be personalized. No matter what your special someone drinks, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate they will love a personalized mug. The price range varies per artist for this gift as well but falls within the $20-$40 range. Verses can be put on them and each morning they can be reminded of God’s love as well as your love for them!


Unique Christian Gift #1:
The Because You Care Courage Candle

Finally, our number one best unique Christian gift is the Because You Care Courage Candle. This candle is a spin on our fan favorite Care series.

courage candles care series

All Courage Candles combine encouraging Bible verses with soothing scents to bolster faith in good times and bad. Candles sometimes can be impersonal, but because of the Bible verse and the encouragement on each label, a Courage Candle is a much more thoughtful gift. Our candles are made of a natural blend of soy and coconut wax, run in price just under $25, and have a burn time of 60-80 hours, making them affordable as well as lasting.

Choosing the Right Unique Christian Gift

Choosing a unique Christian gift is not always an easy task.

If you want more ideas, shop our wide selection of christian candles to find the perfect combination of scent and scripture to gift to the Christian in your life.

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