The Key to Learning

Good to Great is now a classic guide to basic business principles. When I listened to the audio version a number of years ago, I was struck by Jim Collins’ point on leadership: Level 5 leadership is characterized by humility. 

Humility? I would have said courage! But accurately Mr. Collins observes that humility is the primary distinguishing trait of a great leader. Here’s why—a humble person is willing to learn. 

Back to school season is here again, and for some of us, it’s wonderful. For others, it’s dreadful. Some of you skip to school, or the kitchen table, while others pull the covers up over your head and hit snooze one more time. 

Learning is hard for each of us. Especially depending on the subject. It takes courage to undertake some subjects. Remember that courage originates in the heart. And this time, the courage to learn begins with humility. 

Think of pharaoh in Egypt during the time of Moses. Instead of humility, he had pride. Instead of learning from the plagues, he stubbornly held to his own way. Humility would have helped him, and it would have saved his nation from disease and death. 

Do you have the courage to learn this school year? It starts with humility—a heart attitude that knows its place and understands its weaknesses. Ask God for a humble heart, and you will have a blessed year of learning. 

“By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, and honor, and life.” Proverbs 22:4

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