The Choice to Rejoice

Our neighbor Butch needed a covered place to park his hay wagon last night, so my husband Steve parked it under a shed we have here on the farm. Another neighbor Rick needs to air up his tires and will use our compressor. When Ron needs to borrow tools to change the oil in his car, he usually swings by our tool shed and helps himself. Neighbors are a sweet blessing in our farm community. 

But, sometimes we don’t count them as blessings. Like when the to do list is a mile long and the sunlight is short, or when one needy neighbor after another calls and asks a favor. Just like anywhere else in the world, we get very busy here on the farm and we forget to make the choice to rejoice.

So many things are said in our daily lives, so many situations come up, so many interactions with people are complex, and our reactions just flow out of us as if we have no control over them. We speak quickly because we have no time to think first. We allow our emotions to swing back and forth, up and down, with little thought for balance or moderation or self-control. Everything just happens so fast sometimes that we think we can’t help it.

When life gets hectic, I usually take the easiest route available. That’s no problem when we are talking takeout for dinner. But in the bigger areas of life, fast and easy choices usually create problems. 

I want my heart to rejoice in the Lord, my speech to be always with grace seasoned with salt, my friendships to provoke unto love and good works. These things don’t happen when my heart and mind and life are in a frenzy. They do happen when I slow down and make deliberate choices. 

The key to rejoicing is choosing to rejoice. The Lord is resplendent in power and majesty. He is excellent in every virtue. And His love and care for us are sincere and abundant. Rejoicing in the Lord is such an easy thing to do, when I choose to stop and consider Him. 

Despite your to do list, or the needs of your neighborhood, or the busy-busy life you are leading, you can pause and choose to rejoice. It is easy to ignore Him. It is better to think on Him. And your heart will rejoice.

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Apphia Rofe

Well written, Millie! A great reminder that we have a choice to rejoice!
Philippians 4:4, Psalm 32:11

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