The Best Rest

Morgan is the first niece I ever had. And when she was a toddler, I observed her doing something Psalm 37 commands us to do. Rest.

Of course, children take naps more than adults, and they regularly sleep in the car. But this kind of rest was different than that. She was sitting with Grandpa in the recliner, watching a Peter Rabbit movie. She had her jammies on and her pacifier in her mouth. She was completely relaxed.

That’s what resting in the Lord is supposed to look like for the believer. Is that what your heart looks like today? Honestly, it seems I have to fight to be there most days. My to-do list gets overwhelming, and I become burdened with it like Martha did in Luke 10. I fret and worry and work—all the things that Psalm 37 says not to do.


Resting comes in verse 7 of this Psalm. The list prior to this instructs us to trust, commit, and delight in the Lord. What if the order here is important? What if rest cannot come at the beginning of the list?

“I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope.” Psalm 16:8-9

Do you see where rest comes in these verses? At the end. Rest comes as a result of faith. Rest comes after we put things in the right order. Rest comes from obedience. When I have committed my way to the Lord, when I have trusted Him to be faithful, and I have delighted in the truth of His Word and in His righteousness, then I can rest in hope.

This is also the place where courage meets rest. Because we love to work life out on our own, we love to plan and organize and try our best to be the best. Somehow we want to take our accomplishments to God and get a pat on the back. But the Lord wants our lives to work in the opposite order. He wants to work with us and through us. He wants to order our days. It is only in yielding to Him and trusting Him that the end result will be rest. And yielding takes courage.

Trust God with your day. Commit your work and way and thoughts to His care. Delight in the Lord through prayer and meditation on His Word. And you too will find the rest that your heart needs.

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