Just Trust

The stellar woman of Proverbs 31 is beautiful and strong, confident and compassionate, and every virtue in between. But the list of her virtues starts off with the simple phrase, “The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.” Isn’t that interesting? She is trustworthy. The passage goes on to describe her many labors, her business savvy, her neighborly kindness. But it all begins with the statement that she can be trusted. 

Someone who is trustworthy is dependable, honest, and sincere. They are not deceptive or manipulative. They will do right by you, no matter what. So, you can trust them. 

Do you realize how important it is that our God is trustworthy? We absolutely could not live our lives day to day so easily if He were deceptive or manipulative or vindictive or capricious. Just imagine what any one of those faults would mean for us. Instead, the consistency of God’s character day after day, age after age, makes it possible to put our faith and hope in Him. The consistency of His Word, the Bible, makes it possible for us to obey Him and to make sense of our lives. 

God is our rock. This description is repeated many times in Scripture. He is the foundation beneath our feet. Is He a tippy rock? Is He a crumbling rock? No. He is a sure foundation of truth and holiness and perfection. And, as such, He is completely trustworthy.



Over and over again, the Scriptures call us to “Trust in the Lord.” Based on His character, we have no reason to not trust Him. But we don’t. We don’t depend on Him the way we could and should. We don’t allow Him to help us and guide us and work things out for us. Instead, we try very, very hard to do things on our own.

Independence and pride, sometimes stubbornness, keep us from enjoying the blessings found in trusting God. We think that working life out on our own is the better way. We think that we can handle the ups and downs of our everyday lives. God speaks on this exact line of thinking in Proverbs 3. “Trust in the Lord with all Thine heart,” He says. “And lean not to thine own understanding.” How often we neglect the first part and fall down in the second. We find it so much easier to trust ourselves than the God who made us. 

So, here’s the challenge—stop following your own thinking, as if it were the perfect and absolute truth. Instead, trust God. Trust His Word, His way, and His authority. That’s not easy, is it? That kind of trust will require courage. Strengthen your heart in the knowledge of God, remind yourself of His unending love, and trust Him with your life. As you do, you will find that He is trustworthy. You will never find that He is deceptive or undependable. You can trust Him.

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