Honoring Care-Givers

I care very deeply about my family. They love me, and I love them. Giving to them through gifts or time or energy is like second nature with hardly any sacrifice at all. Caring for these dear folks is easy. Caring for others outside of this small circle is another story.

Care-givers of someone else’s family member—this post is meant to honor you. I marvel at your ability (or maybe just dogged determination) to give and then give again. To help a patient or student or elderly resident, whether they want it or not, and to go back and help them again. You see, caring for others once is kindness. Caring for them over and over again is sacrificial love.

I have been reading the gospels of Matthew and Mark recently, and I have been amazed at Jesus’ response to the various characters that He encountered. Outside of His debates with the religious leaders, His primary response was compassion. He received them. Any and all who came to Him were welcomed.

Think about that for a second and picture yourself receiving a close friend or family member. Maybe you greet them with a hug, maybe a handshake. Certainly a smile and a hello. I usually pat the kids on the head and hug them. I always want to know how they are doing, and they usually have something exciting or interesting to share.

Now picture Christ receiving...not just family, but strangers. When He said, “Suffer the little children, and forbid them not,” He was not referring to His own nieces and nephews. He was receiving any child, with the same love and compassion for each of them. He did the same with blind men and lepers, with rich rulers and poor beggars. Love and compassion, simply caring for them by receiving them as they were and helping them in their need.

Nurses, doctors, teachers, pastors, counselors, and neighborhood good samaritans—thank you for continuing the work of Christ by caring for us and those we love. Our homes, churches, and neighborhoods are blessed because you have the courage to care.


PAt KIrby

A blessing to read and really ponder Millie. Our Savior even in his weariness never turned anyone away who came to him. Praising God for his love and compassion on all! Thanks Millie ❤️

Keith Hemingway

Wonderful reminder of the heart of our Savior and how we should be emulating His love for the unloved and uncared for!

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