I read a brief biography of Moses yesterday morning. It was found in Stephen’s defense recorded in Acts. And although it was really not the main purpose of the passage, there is an interesting statement made about the timeline of Moses' call to leadership. 

He was forty years old when he killed the Egyptian, tried to become a judge of the Hebrew people, and was rejected. As a result, he fled to Midian and lived there for the next forty years. He finally did become a judge, deliverer, and leader of the Israelites, but only after forty years in Midian.

Sometimes, friends, we set up our five year plans, only to find ourselves in a field in Midian watching sheep grow. Sometimes, we set up our plans for a week, for a month, for one school year or one fiscal year, and end up in a new career, a new home, or a new school. Sometimes we end up nowhere at all. I think that’s where Moses found himself. Nowhere. He went from being in the middle of everything, to the back pasture, with the sheep. From downtown Egypt, to the wilderness.



The Lord reminded me of a verse this week that is critical to our walk with Him. It’s another gold nugget from Psalm 37.

Commit thy way unto the Lord;
trust also in Him;
and He shall bring it to pass.
Psalm 37:5

There are relationships and situations in my life that I cannot control. These are stories that I do not know the end to, nor do I have the ability to bring about my desired ending. As a math person, I am a problem solver, and these problems bother me because the solution to them is undefined. 

And in response to my calculations and expectations, desires and wishes, the Lord comforts me with this truth—commit these things to His control by faith, and wait for HIS solution. “Commit” in this verse is similar to the verse in 1 Peter that says to cast our cares upon the Lord. Literally to commit is ”to roll”. Roll the burden of your way upon the Lord. Give Him control. And watch Him accomplish what is good and right as an outcome.

Moses was on the right track, but he was forty years ahead of the Lord’s timing for Israel. He had more to learn, and maybe the Jewish people had more to learn. It could be that the Egyptians needed more time before God’s judgment. We do not know and Moses certainly did not know why the Lord waited forty more years. 

In our own lives, we do not know what the Lord’s plans are. But we do know that we can trust Him. And, we can see from Moses’ testimony that the Lord will work it all out in the best way. We can commit our way to Him. 

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