A Call to Courage, A Call to Faith

In the last few months, I have found myself more upset than settled. In those times, I always find comfort in the Word of God. After a recent round of political discussions and covid possibilities, I turned to Psalm 37. I have been familiar with this passage for a long time, maybe since I was a child. But as is true with most things, they don’t matter until they really matter. And right now, Psalm 37 matters. 

“Trust in the Lord.
Wait patiently for Him. 
Rest in the Lord. 
Delight in the Lord.”

Isn’t it astounding that when life seems most complicated, the truths of Scripture are so simple? And we can find comfort in that simplicity.

Trust in the Lord. That’s all that the Lord wants me to do today and everyday. Just trust Him. Trusting God is faith in action. I believe God is. I believe His Word. I believe His promises. And trusting Him with my fairly common, simple life is one way of acting on that faith.

But trusting is harder than it sounds. After all, it involves yielding my own control and allowing God to take control. It requires following and dependence rather than authority and agendas. Trusting can be a daunting task, so it must be met with faith. The strength to trust God comes from faith in God. 

Faith is the answer for all of life’s hard things, and there are very many hard things in life. Especially in these covid days, it seems even the most mundane things like grocery shopping have become hard. There is risk today where there was none yesterday. Fear is running rampant, and fear always makes life complicated because it blinds us to truth. 

But what about faith? Where is faith in strange times like these? And how is faith going to help in such complicated matters like the coronavirus?

Well, faith reminds us of who God is, that He is supreme, and that He cares for us. Those simple truths change everything. So when life reminds you of all the complicated things you have going on, you can respond with courage that by faith chooses to trust God.

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