5 Awesome Gifts for Sunday School Teachers

As someone who has been in various Sunday School classes since the age of four, I can certainly testify that Sunday School teachers can leave a lasting impression on your life. Feeling grateful for the time they’ve put in teaching you God’s Word, praying for you, and even praying with you, you’d probably want to show that gratitude.

But how?

What would a good gift for your Sunday School teacher even look like? It’s easy to overthink the gift, here. We want to make sure any gift we get is useful and personal to the receiver, but we also want to make sure it’s appropriate. The gift should be appropriate in terms of Christian belief and also ways which consider the genders of both the giver and receiver. For example, in my research for great Christian gifts, I came across blankets with verses on them. Blankets are pretty common and therefore not always super useful. Also consider: if your Sunday school teacher is a woman and you are a woman, a verse blanket is appropriate. But I think we all understand the odd inappropriateness of a woman giving her male Sunday School teacher a blanket.

Now the gift-giving can be confusing as gender, belief, uniqueness and price are things to consider when looking for gifts. Look no further as I’ve narrowed down some great gifts that can properly show the gratitude you feel for those special teachers and aid them in their walk.


#5: Planners


Planners are wonderful appreciation gifts for Sunday School teachers! Truly just consider the life of any teacher. Lessons need to be planned. That means studying on the days leading up to the lessons. Do your Sunday School teachers ever meet with groups outside of church? Do they have appointments to pray with individuals or attend meetings at church? If the answer is yes, which it most likely is, then a planner is great for them. Christianplanner.com has a couple series of planners and productivity books. They come in various colors and styles and can be appropriate for both men and women.

These planners range in price, but most are sold at $29.99.

#4: New Bible/Personalized Bible


Perhaps this gift is obvious, but I don’t think it is. It’s not obvious or cliche to get a Bible for your Sunday School teacher. In my experience, people love getting Bibles! I mean, it IS the Word of God… There are so many options for buying Bibles online. Amazon, Etsy, and several Christian stores carry Bibles. Yet, no store carries as wide a variety of Bibles as LifeWay. They sell Bibles in almost all translations, colors, materials and sizes. Personalization is optional and there are a few different styles of text for that personalization.

Because there is such a wide variety of Bibles to choose from, the price range of this gift is also wide. If you are interested in a Bible from LifeWay you may be paying anywhere for $10.00 - $150.00.

#3:Courage Candle - Courage to Rejoice

courage candle rejoice

I’d say this is pretty on target gift. Pair this with a nice card and write something like “I am rejoicing that you are my Sunday School teacher!” or “I rejoice because I have a teacher like you!” It is a unique and visually beautiful candle. On the front is a main verse that states the theme along with the title. The back has a note written about rejoicing and what it means to rejoice. There are also little icons which represent that theme. Then, more supporting scripture. Oh and take note of the scents and burn time. Lasts 60-80 hours. So you know it’s not going to burn out the next day. Not a waste of time or money. The Courage to Rejoice candle is a thoughtful and sweet gift for Christian men and women, and is definitely appropriate for a Sunday School teacher.

This gift of appreciation is found at https://www.couragecandles.com/products/courage-to-rejoice-candle and costs $24.99.

#2: Journals


I think a journal is another great way to show your Sunday School teacher appreciation. The journal differs from the planner in purpose. People like to use journals for a lot of things. Those include: note taking, writing down prayers and meditations, and song writing. A journal is a handy tool as it is small, lightweight and easy to bring out when you need to quickly jot something down. My personal favorite source for journals is The Daily Grace Co. They have journals in several styles for men and women. They are pleasant to look at and are a great way to say “thank you” to your teacher.

The Daily Grace Co journals range in price between $10.00 and $28.00.

#1: Courage Candle - A Teacher’s Care

courage candles

I had to circle back to Courage Candles because the “Teacher’s Care” Candle is perhaps the perfect gift for your Sunday School teacher. The back of the candle is literally a thank you note to your Sunday School teacher for their care! Also check out the “Because You Care” candle, which you can customize with the name of your Sunday School teacher. The Teacher’s Care candle is the perfect gift of appreciation! It has a symbol associated with it, which is the apple, and the verse on the front is a wonderful verse of gratitude. If I were a teacher I would melt if someone gave this to me!

This candle, as the one mentioned previously, goes for $24.99. You can find it here.

Choosing the Right Gift for Your Sunday School Teacher
I’ve mentioned some pretty awesome gifts and now you have the fun choice of choosing what you wish to give your Sunday School teacher. But still, which one? Gift-giving may be something trivial in the grand scheme of things, but remember that God still cares and He still wants to help you even in something like this. It pleases Him to see acts of kindness among members of His family. He certainly cares. Don’t forget to stop and ask God His thoughts on the matter. You may end up finding exactly what your Sunday School teacher has been looking for.

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