17 Pastor Appreciation Gifts Your Pastor Will Love

How often do you thank your pastor? Pastors do so much to guide and aid the individual members of their churches. Surely you have grown so much spiritually under the teaching of your pastor that you feel some gratitude. Perhaps you have experienced the kindness of your pastor when you and your family were going through a hard time.

He may have come to pray with you, to share good news, or to give a thoughtful gift. If you want to give your pastor something to thank them, there’s no better time to do so than on Clergy Appreciation Day in October. Let your pastor know how grateful you are for them with any of the following 17 pastor appreciation gifts.


#17: Planner

Planners are great pastor appreciation gifts. It’s even better if you have time to write your pastor a thank you note on one of the pages. Christianplanner.com has a couple series of planners and productivity books. They come in various colors and styles and can be appropriate for both men and women.

Planners range in price depending on the size, but most are sold around $29.99.

#16: Custom Bible Tabs

You can order these or make them yourself. No matter what you do, Bible tabs are sure to be a well-appreciated gift for your pastor. Think about how much they read The Word and could benefit from having tabs to easily reach their destination. If you’ve noticed your pastor without tabs in his Bible, you might consider these.

These tabs are made by perfectpeaceshop on Etsy and run for $20.00.


#15:Courage Candles

- Courage to Worship

Worship pastors play a huge role in the church. God has called them to praise him with their musical abilities. We should be thankful to have people that can add glorious sound to our praise.

Give your worshipping pastor the Courage to Worship candle. It has encouraging scripture which provides a humble reminder as to what worship really is. The scents are lovely and will be a calming presence to those pastors who could use a little courage before leading the congregation.

This appreciation gift costs $24.99 and  can be found at: https://www.couragecandles.com/products/courage-to-worship-candle


#14: Journals

Giving a faith-themed journal is another great way to say “Thank you!” to the pastor who has done so much for  your life. Journals are different from planners in their purpose. Pastors can use journals for a lot of things. These include: note taking, writing down prayers and meditations, and song writing. A useful source for journals is The Daily Grace Co. They have beautifully designed journals in several styles. They are pleasant to look at and make a lovely birthday gift. You can also find very nice leather journals on Etsy.

This journal from WoodPresentStudio is listed at $61.00


#13: Christian Office Art

Surely your pastor has an office in the church and most likely, one at home. Every office needs inspirational messages on its walls. What better than quotes by your pastor’s favorite author? This C.S. Lewis quote found on Etsy would look nice on any wall.

Since Etsy has multiple stores selling these products, prices will vary. This example by rootedngroundedhome is priced at $62.00.


#12: Courage Candles

-Courage to Pray

The Courage to Pray candle smells amazing, with notes of lime, verbena and magnolia. It is a wonderful appreciation gift for your pastor. Even pastors struggle praying sometimes. He will love this sweet reminder that God is with him and helping him pray.

This pastor appreciation gift costs $24.99 and is found at: https://www.couragecandles.com/collections/encouragement/products/courage-to-pray-candle


#11: Guitar Pick

You may think this would only be good for a worship pastor, but if you know your pastor likes music, is trying to learn guitar or has been playing for years, this is a great appreciation gift for them! This “Pick Worship” guitar pick is found on Etsy and is a sweet way to encourage your pastor in his worship and say thank you at the same time.

The pick sold by COAHCreations comes in a 4 pack that is listed for $29.95.


#10: New and Personalized Bibles

A new, personalized Bible makes a wonderfully meaningful appreciation gift. There are several nicely designed Bibles online.  They can be found at  Amazon, Etsy, and several online Christian stores. LifeWay sells the widest variety. They sell Bibles in almost all translations, colors, materials and sizes. Personalization is optional, and there are a few different styles of text for that personalization.

Since there is such a wide variety of Bibles to choose from, the price range of this gift is also wide. If you are interested in a Bible from LifeWay you may be paying anywhere from $10.00 - $150.00


#9: Christian Coffee Mug

You may know a certain pastor that really needs and craves their coffee to get through the day. A faith-themed coffee mug makes a great thank you gift for them.

This well-designed mug, sold by EstherDorotikShop on Etsy, goes for $20.00. 


#8: Food/Dinner

Every pastor will gladly welcome food into their lives. Ask  if you can make and deliver a meal to your pastor and his family. See if they may want to come over for dinner. It’s a simple thank you that does not have to be too costly.


#7: Gift Card

This one may be obvious, but nonetheless: a restaurant gift card is a thoughtful gift. Perhaps a gift card to your pastor’s favorite local cafe or well-loved book store. Options for gift cards are limitless, so it comes down to what you know your pastor enjoys doing or eating.


#6: Church Needs

Your pastor may tell you that his biggest burden is for his church family. If that’s the case, find out if there’s anything you can donate to the church. Maybe your pastor has mentioned that the church needs a new table for the foyer. Perhaps the church needs a new projection screen. You can research reviews and prices on whatever church needs your pastor feels burdened about. A donation is a great pastor appreciation gift.


#5: Courage Candles

-Courage to Speak

Your pastor preaches week after week. It is our expectation that after doing so for so long, the pastor will be comfortable with public speaking. That’s not always the case, however, and sometimes your pastor still gets nervous to speak. Encourage your pastor to speak the truth with confidence with this Courage to Speak candle. The soothing scents and inspiring scripture send a kind notice that God is with your pastor at all times.

The Courage to Speak Candle is sold for $24.99 and is found here: https://www.couragecandles.com/products/courage-to-speak-candle


#4: Books

Does your pastor mention a particular author often in their messages? Find out what books by that author your pastor does not have. Books are a great appreciation gift for pastors. They will be thrilled to add to their collection and will genuinely feel loved and appreciated.


#3: Verse/Prayer Cards

Say thank you to your pastor with these nicely designed verse cards from Daily Grace Co. These cards provide encouragement for your pastor to stand firmly in God’s Word and lean wholly on His strength. Your pastor can keep these in their office or home and go through them before sermons, studies or meetings.

The Stand Firm cards are listed at $12.00


#2: Custom Wallet

Everyone has a need for wallets. Why not get your pastor something like a wallet that they physically use on an almost daily basis? This wallet shown is from TruthTreasure on Etsy. It has a pleasant design and is high quality.

Wallets will range in price based on size, customization, and material quality. This one goes for $14.99-$19.99.


#1: Courage Candles

-A Pastor’s Care Candle

This candle truly fits in the number one slot because it is a direct thank you note to your pastor. The note recognizes the care and love your pastor has shown to your church family. The scents of lavender, white tea and lily of the valley are sure to communicate your appreciation to your pastor. Encourage them to continue in their ministry with this unique, one of a kind thank you note.

The Pastor’s Care  candle  is sold at $24.99 and can be  found here:



How to choose the perfect appreciation gift for your pastor

We covered a TON of options to give your pastor the appreciation gift they deserve. However, you may still be caught on what exactly will stand out as something that really genuinely shows that you are thankful for your pastor.

Remember: thanking your pastor is about exactly that. Even something as small as taking a moment to say “thank you” to your pastor will go such a long way in encouraging them. If the congregation is collecting for a special gift, don’t feel that it will be interpreted by your pastor that you don’t actually care. That is the farthest thing from the truth.

Ultimately, take some time to thank God for your pastor is enough; but choosing one of these pastor appreciation gifts is a great way to give your pastor something material that really demonstrates your gratitude for everything he does.

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