12 Perfect Birthday Gifts for a Woman of God

Church brings gals together from all walks of life. Girl friends become more like sisters as we spend more and more time together. We have the honor of seeing our friends grow in their faith and being able to encourage that growth. We are also sometimes sisters in faith with our actual sisters, mothers, and grandmothers. Any woman in your life could be a sister in the faith. 

With that being said, as you grow closer to your sisters in Christ, it’s more than likely you will be invited to a birthday party. You may also wish to give your friend or family member a gift even if there’s no party. These birthday gifts can be really sweet and meaningful. Friends and family may wish to always remember the memories you’ve made and the fun you’ve had growing together.

Yet when the time comes to get a gift for that certain woman of God, you tend to draw a blank. Yes, you know alot about each other, but you want to get a gift that will really mean something. Here are 12 birthday gifts that will perfectly say “Happy Birthday, Woman of God!”


#12: Planner

Faith-themed planners are a great gift. It’s even better when you can go in before giving this birthday gift to write the recipient a thoughtful note. Christianplanner.com has a couple series of planners and productivity books. They come in various colors and styles and can be appropriate for both men and women.

Planners range in price depending on the size, but most are sold around $29.99.


#11: Christian T-Shirt

Women adore clothing, especially if it’s comfy clothing. Why not grab a nicely designed Christian T-shirt for the woman of God in your life? Give her a comfy happy birthday gift that will allow her to look awesome, feel awesome and spread an awesome message. There are several Christian T-shirts that can be found  on Etsy. All have various designs, but a best seller is the short-sleeved shirt  from LongHorn Apparel.

Shirt shops on Etsy vary their prices by design and size. You may find a shirt anywhere from $10-$30.


#10:Courage Candles - Courage to Rest

The Courage to Rest candle makes a great birthday gift for a woman of God. It is covered with inspirational messages and scriptures. Also, the whole theme of the candle is to take time to rest. What better day to do exactly that than on one’s birthday?

This lovely  birthday gift costs $24.99 and  can be found at: https://www.couragecandles.com/collections/encouragement/products/courage-to-rest-candle


#9: Journals

Giving a faith-themed journal is another great way to say “Happy Birthday!” to the woman of God in your life. Journals are different from planners  in their purpose.  Women like to use journals for a lot of things. Those include: note taking, writing down prayers and meditations, and song writing. A useful  source for journals is The Daily Grace Co. They have beautifully designed journals in several styles. They are pleasant to look at and make a lovely birthday gift. 

The Daily Grace Co journals range in price between $10.00 and $28.00.


#8: Christian Wall Art

Almost every Church-going woman loves home decorating. A sure-fire excellent birthday gift for those women would be Christian wall art. Give the gift of interior design and allow the woman of God in your life to create a space of comfort, peace and focus on the Word in her very own home. Etsy has several stores selling wall art. A stunning example is this piece of decor from the store ThroughCreation. 

Since Etsy has multiple stores selling these products, prices will vary. This example is priced depending on the size, but averages $25.


#7: Courage Candles - Courage to Pray

The Courage to Pray candle smells amazing, with notes of lime, verbena and magnolia. It is a wonderful birthday gift for a religious woman. The candle creates a peaceful environment to seek God. Encourage your sister in Christ to have the candle lit as she prays. 

This lovely birthday gift costs $24.99 and is found at: https://www.couragecandles.com/collections/encouragement/products/courage-to-pray-candle


#6: Christian Jewelry

Right next to clothing, most women love their accessories. Christian-based bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are wonderful birthday gifts for the godly woman in your life. Etsy has several shops that make Christian jewelry. For example this simple stunning ring is made by JewelryRB.

Jewelry on etsy will range in price depending on materials, shops and sizes. This ring is listed for $27.


#5: New and Personalized Bibles

A wonderfully meaningful birthday gift would be a new, personalized Bible. There are some beautifully designed Bibles online.  They can be found at  Amazon, Etsy, and several Christian stores carry Bibles. LifeWay sells the widest variety. They sell Bibles in almost all translations, colors, materials and sizes. Personalization is optional, and there are a few different styles of text for that personalization. 

Since there is such a wide variety of Bibles to choose from, the price range of this gift is also wide. If you are interested in a Bible from LifeWay you may be paying anywhere for $10.00 - $150.00


#4: Christian Coffee Mug

Perhaps the woman of God you are buying for loves her coffee. What better than a faith-based coffee mug with a lovely design to give her? Simply searching online for Christian Coffee Mugs will yield several results. The best for quality are usually found on Etsy. This one is by inkyandindigo.

Mug prices will vary based on material and size, but this one is listed at $14.


#3: Chocolate

Let’s be honest. This will probably be an obvious solution, but it is truly a great gift. In fact, it’s a great birthday gift! Almost every woman loves chocolate! This is an excellent birthday gift for that certain woman of God.

This set is sold on Etsy by carianbistro.

Since you can get your chocolates from almost anywhere, the price will certainly vary. This set is sold for $23.87.


#2: Gift Box

Search for Christian Gift Boxes on Etsy or Google and you’re sure to find some eye-catching results. Gift Boxes are great birthday gifts, as they contain items perfectly paired to guarantee an excited reaction. This box for example contains a Christian book alongside tea, honey and a mug. Gift boxes create an enjoyable experience for any woman of God.

This one is listed on Esty for $62.


#1: Courage Candles -Courage to Rejoice

The Courage to Rejoice candle makes the perfect birthday gift for that woman of God. It smells lovely, with scents of Sea Salt, Sage and Agave. It’s design is simple and clean to augment the peaceful aroma it emits. The labels contains an encouraging bible verse that’s perfect for a birthday gift. 

Rejoice! Rejoicing is the perfect thing to encourage on the birthday of the woman of God in your life. 

The Courage to Rejoice candle  is sold at $24.99 and can be  found here: https://www.couragecandles.com/collections/encouragement/products/courage-to-rejoice-candle


So What Gift is the Best Birthday Gift for a Woman of God?

OK, we just covered a wide-variety of gifts, from wall art to chocolate. When giving a birthday gift, it is important to question what the gift can give besides its material self. When it comes down to it, the godly woman in your life will love anything from you. But we think our Courage Candles take the cake. 


Be sure to also check out our Mother’s Care Courage Candle, which would also make an excellent birthday gift for the woman of God in your life. 


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